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Planning Department in Lakeview, Oregon

Lake County Planning Department

Address: 513 Center St, Lakeview, OR 97630

Phone: (541) 947-6032

Duties of the planning department:

  • implementation of strategic planning of social-economic development of Lakeview, Oregon;
  • monitoring and preparation of information and analytical materials on the social-economic development;
  • ensuring the organization of project activities in the Government of the county, executive authorities, methodological support of project activities;
  • ensuring the performance evaluations of executive bodies of state power in the county at the level of a key performance indicator;
  • monitoring the achievement of the targets, the implementation of measures aimed at their achievement, and posting information on the progress of the execution of instructions;
  • assessment of the regulatory impact of regulatory legal acts of the county and examination of regulatory legal acts in order to define provisions that unreasonably arrest the entrepreneurial and investment activities;
  • organization of measures and events to improve the county state control (supervision).