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Ordinances, Lakeview, Oregon

The ordinance list is presented in alphabetical order. Get acquainted with the ordinance of Lakeview, Oregon.

Ordinances A-C Ordinances D-M Ordinances N-T Ordinances U-Z
 Address Ordinance  DDA Ordinances  Non Partisan Election  Village Manager Ordinance
 Airport Zoning  DTE Energy Franchise  Outdoor Storage of Inoperable Vehicles  Water Ordinance #2019-10
 Appointment of Clerk and Treasurer  Dogs  Parking Lots  Water System Bonds
 Animal Control  Electric Franchise Consumers Power  Parking Violations  Water Cross Connection
 Blight Ordinance  Firearms and Hunting  Parks and Playgrounds  Water System Connection
 Burning Ordinance 2017-11  Fireworks Ordinance  Peace Disturbances (Public Peace & Morals, Noise, Skateboarding and Curfew  Zoning Ordinance
 Cable Basic  Gas Franchise Repeal of Former Ordinances  Zoning Map
 Cable Franchise  Grass and Noxious Weeds Ordinance Right of Way Ordinance C1 Upstairs Dwelling Regulations
 Cemetery Ordinance  Housing Property Maintenance Code Sewer Rates
 Civil Infractions Bureau  Land Divison Ordinance Sewer Disposal Systems
 Civil Infractions Issue Notice Citation Marihuana Ordinance Sewer Rules and Regulations
 Civill Infractions Amended Michigan Vehicle and Uniform Traffic Codes  Sewer System Bonds Ordinance
 Construction Enforcement Agency  Sidewalks
 Council Compensation  Snow and Ice Removal
 Special Assessment Procedures
 Storage of Inoperable and Dismantled Motor Vehicles
 Street Regulations
 Subdivision Control Ordinance
 Telecommunications Provider