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Air Quality

Air Quality Lakeview

Air pollution is a problem faced by every inhabitant of the city. Carbon dioxide, benzopyrene, sulfur dioxide, heavy metals, other dangerous substances – all this begins to threaten our health as soon as we go outside. Therefore, most of us try to protect our home from the street atmosphere. We put double-glazed windows, close the windows, hoping for good air quality in the apartment. But are these expectations justified?

One of the most common factors of air pollution in an apartment is formaldehyde. This colorless compound with a pungent odor is found in new furniture made of chipboard and its analogues. Formaldehyde is very toxic – it causes headaches, allergies, and depresses the nervous system.

Cars are the main source of pollution in megacities

Sources of air pollution can be very different: these are emissions from industrial enterprises, forest fires, and landfills. However, in most large cities of Oregon, the main source is motor transport: it accounts for 80-90% of the total volume of pollutants in the air. In addition, it is very difficult to hide from automobile emissions: smoke from the exhaust pipes of cars goes on every street and in the courtyard of each apartment building. Air pollution from transport is called the main environmental factor that affects people’s health.

Oregon’s air quality

Oregon’s air hasn’t always been perfect. In the early 1970s, the state had serious air pollution problems.

Now, due to new pollution control technology on vehicles and industries and the spread of other pollution prevention programs, all residents of Oregon live in areas that meet federal air quality standards.