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Westco Investment Brokerage

Westco Investment Brokerage is a payday loan company located at 66227 N Bay Rd, North Bend, OR 97459. They can be contacted at (541) 756-0521. They operate during regular business hours.


Westco Investment Brokerage offers payday loans with competitive interest rates and fees. In the city of North Bend, Oregon, the interest rates and fees are as follows:

  • Interest Rate: 15%
  • Origination Fee: $20
  • Late Payment Fee: $15


Here are some reviews from customers who have used Westco Investment Brokerage:

Review 1

Rating: ****
“The staff was very helpful and the loan process was quick and easy. I would definitely recommend Westco Investment Brokerage to others.” – John D.

Review 2

Rating: ***
“The interest rates were a bit higher than I expected, but the customer service was excellent. Overall, a decent payday loan company.” – Sarah M.

Review 3

Rating: ****
“I’ve used Westco Investment Brokerage multiple times and they’ve always been reliable. The fees are reasonable and the staff is friendly.” – Michael S.

Review 4

Rating: ****
“I was in need of some quick cash and Westco Investment Brokerage came through for me. The application process was simple and I received the funds within a day.” – Emily L.

Review 5

Rating: ****
“I appreciate the transparency of Westco Investment Brokerage. They clearly explained the interest rates and fees upfront, so there were no surprises.” – David P.

Review 6

Rating: *****
“This is by far the best payday loan company I’ve dealt with. The interest rates are lower than other lenders and the customer service is top-notch.” – Melissa R.

Review 7

Rating: ***
“The application process took longer than expected, but the loan terms were fair. I would recommend Westco Investment Brokerage if you’re in a pinch.” – Jennifer W.

Review 8

Rating: ****
“I needed a payday loan urgently and Westco Investment Brokerage was able to assist me quickly. The interest rates were reasonable and the staff was friendly.” – Daniel H.

Review 9

Rating: ***
“I had some issues with the repayment process, but the customer service team at Westco Investment Brokerage helped me resolve them. Overall, an average experience.” – Jessica T.

Review 10

Rating: ****
“The loan application was straightforward and I received the funds in a timely manner. The interest rates were higher than expected, but I needed the money urgently.” – Ryan G.

Review 11

Rating: *****
“I’ve used Westco Investment Brokerage multiple times and they have always been reliable. The interest rates are fair and the staff is professional.” – Amanda B.

Review 12

Rating: ***
“I had some issues with the repayment schedule, but Westco Investment Brokerage worked with me to find a solution. The customer service was commendable.” – Christopher K.